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Having family members receive a lineage certificate by attestation

What is attestation?


Attestation has been used in our legal system for hundreds of years as a way for a suitable party to bear witness under oath that a series of facts are true and correct.  When a written statement of attestation is produced, it becomes a formal record of evidence and testimony that can be called upon at anytime in the future.


Why receive or gift a lineage society certificate based on attestation?


Seasoned genealogists understand the critical importance of proving lineage by the use of primary records.  When an "attester" or witness is an approved member of a lineage society, their lineage is proven to the genealogical proof standard. However, because other family members (by blood: siblings, children and grandchildren) didn't go through the process, they are left entirely out of the the opportunity to honor their ancestors.


In practical terms, they don't identify with their ancestors or take rightful ownership of their family history because nothing was conferred on to them that these historical facts are their stories.


Simply put - attestation bridges the gap, and gives additional family members a vested interest in their family's history.  A handsome certificate in their home will remind them of their connection with their ancestors: patriotism, courage, faith and achievement.  Someday they may reflect on those virtues when their lives are at a crossroad. It's too important not to allow them to participate and feel connected.


Certificates Available via Attestation


Mayflower Descendant

Great Migration Descendant

Revolutionary War Descendant

WWII Descendant

Vietnam War Descendant



Will rigorous genealogy standards be maintained?


Yes, on the certificate the recipient will be declared "by attestation as a descendant" of the ancestor.  The attester's name will also appear in the footnotes of the certificate. There will be no confusion of how and by what means of proof the recipient is related to the ancestor. Naturally, we would strongly suggest that all descendants join a lineage society under full membership in the future.



Steps to order Lineage Society of America Certificate by Attestation


1.    Attester (witness) must have approved and registrar signed lineage society application for the stated ancestor.

2.    Attester must complete Attestation Form (see Word Doc and PDF below)

3.    Attester must send scanned documents (1 & 2) to Brian@LineageSocietyofAmerica.com

4.    After LSA has approved documents (notice sent via e-mail)  attester can purchase certificate:


 Purchase Certificate: $34.99

       (includes $5.99 for shipping)








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Questions? Call 813 944-3190

Download Letter of Attestation Form:

Editable Word Doc


Sample: Attestation Certificate

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