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What is a Lineage Society?


A lineage society is an organization created to honor a specific heritage or event. Members of lineage societies must prove their descent  of that heritage or event through industry approved genealogical proof standards.


Examples of Lineage Societies include: Daughters of the American Revolution, Sons of the American Revolution, General Society of Mayflower Descendants, and Order of Crown of Charlemagne. ( there over 200 lineage societies)


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Who Were the Plantagenet's?


The Plantagenets' held the English throne from 1154, with the accession of Henry II, until 1485, when Richard III died. Under the Plantagenets, England was transformed from a colony, often governed from abroad and considered less significant than other European monarchies, into a sophisticated, politically engaged and independent kingdom.


Eligibility for membership in this Society is based upon lineal descent from one or more of the Plantagenet Kings of England.



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Plantagenet Medieval Society

Gateway Ancestor List



The following alphabetized list includes the names of the seventeenth-century immigrants with Plantagenet ancestry.


Abbott, Anne (Mauleverer), of Nottingham Township, Burlington Co., NJ

Abell, Robert, of Weymouth & Rehoboth, MA

Abney, Dannett, of King William & Spotsylvania Cos., VA

Alston, John, of Berkeley Co., SC

Asfordby, William, of Kingston & Marbletown, NY

Aston, Walter, of the West Indies

Baldwin, Elizabeth (Alsop), of Milford, CT

Ball, Elizabeth (Harleston), of St. James Parish, Berkeley Co., & Charleston, SC

Barclay, Robert, Governor of East Jersey

Barham, Charles, of Surry Co., VA

Batt, Anne (Baynton), of Boston, MA

Batt, Christopher, of Boston, MA

Batte, Henry, of Charles City Co., VA

Batte, Thomas, of Charles City & Henrico Cos., VA

Batte, William, of Charles City Co., VA

Baynard, John, Gent., of Talbot Co., MD

Beckwith, Sir Marmaduke, of Richmond Co., VA

Bernard, Richard, of York Co., VA

Bernard, William, of Isle of Wight Co., VA

Bevan, Barbara (Aubrey), of PA

Bevan, John, of PA

Beville, Essex, of Henrico Co., VA

Bladen, William, of St. Mary's & Anne Arundel Cos., MD

Blakiston, George, of St. Mary's Co., MD

Blakiston, Nehemiah, of St. Mary's Co., MD

Bolles, Joseph, of Winter Harbor & Wells, ME

Booth, Thomas, of Gloucester Co., VA

Bradshaw, Sarah (Levis), of Darby, Chester Co., PA

Brent, George, of Stafford Co., VA

Brent, Giles, of Kent Island, MD, & Stafford Co., VA

Brent, Robert, of Stafford Co., VA

Bressey, Thomas, of New Haven, CT

Brooke, Mary (Wolseley), of Calvert Co., MD

Browne, Nathaniel, of Hartford & Middletown, CT, & Springfield, MA

Bruen, Obadiah, of Marshfield & Gloucester, MA, & New London, CT

Bulkeley, Grace (Chetwode), of Concord, MA

Bulkeley, Rev. Peter, of Concord, MA

Bull, Stephen, of SC

Burnet, William, Governor of NY

Burnham, Alice (Eltonhead), of York, Lancaster, & Middlesex Cos., VA

Burrough, Nathaniel, of Calvert Co., MD, & Roxbury, MA

Butler, John, of Kent Island, MD

Calthorpe, Col. Christopher, of York Co., VA & NC

Calvert, Charles, Governor of MD

Calvert, Jane (Lowe) (Sewall), of St. Mary's Co., MD

Campbell, Lord William, Governor of SC

Carleton, Edward, of Rowley, MA

Carleton, Ellen (Newton), of Rowley, MA

Carroll, Dr. Charles, of MD

Carter, Sarah (Ludlow), of Lancaster Co., VA

Cartlidge, Mary (Need), of Darby, Chester Co., PA

Cheseldine, Kenelm, of St. Mary's Co., MD

Claiborne, Elizabeth (Butler), of the Isle of Kent, Chesapeake Bay, & New Kent, VA

Clarke, Jeremy, of Newport, RI

Clarkson, Matthew, of New York City, NY

Claypoole, James, of Philadelphia, PA

Claypoole, Norton, of Lewes, DE

Clopton, William, of York & New Kent Cos., VA

Codd, St. Leger, of Lancaster & Northumberland Cos., VA, & Cecil Co., MD

Conway, Martha (Eltonhead), of Lancaster Co., VA

Cooke, Elizabeth (Haynes), of Cambridge, MA

Corbin, Alice (Eltonhead), of Middlesex Co., VA

Corbin, Henry, of Middlesex Co., VA

Crowne, Agnes (Mackworth), of Boston, MA

Culpeper, Katherine (St. Leger), of VA

Dade, Francis, of Warwick Co., VA

Dale, Diana (Skipwith), of Lancaster Co., VA

Davie, Humphrey, of Boston, MA, & Hartford, CT

Digges, Edward, of York Co., VA

Dudley, Katherine (Deighton), of Roxbury & Dedham, MA

Dudley, Thomas, Governor of MA

Dunlop, Archibald, of CT

Eddowes, Ralph, of PA

Eddowes, Sarah (Kenrick), of Philadelphia Co., PA

Elkington, George, of Burlington Co., NJ

Ellis, Rowland, of Bryn Mawr & Gwynedd, PA

Farrar, William, of Henrico Co., VA

Farwell, Olive (Welby), of Concord & Chelmsford, MA

Fenwick, Jane (Eltonhead), of St. Mary's Co., MD

Fenwick, John, of Salem, NJ

Filmer, Henry, of James City & Warwick Cos., VA

Fisher, John, of Northampton Co., VA

Fleete, Henry, of Lancaster Co., VA

Foliot, Edward, of York Co., VA

Gerard, Thomas, of St. Mary's Co., MD, & Westmoreland Co., VA

Gill, Mary (Mainwaring), said to be of MD

Goddard, William, of Watertown, MA

Gordon, Thomas, of NJ

Gorsuch, Anne (Lovelace), of VA

Hackburne, Katherine (Deighton), of Roxbury & Dedham, MA

Harlakenden, Elizabeth (Bosvile), of Cambridge, MA

Harleston, John, of St. James Parish, Berkeley Co., SC

Haugh, Elizabeth (Bulkeley), of Cambridge & Boston, MA

Hawes, Edmund, of Duxbury & Yarmouth, MA

Henry, John, of VA

Horsmanden, Warham, of Charles City Co., VA

Houston, Sir Patrick, 5th Baronet, of GA

Humphrey, Daniel, of Haverford, Delaware Co., PA

Hunter, Robert, Governor of NY & NJ

Hutchinson, Anne (Marbury), of Boston, MA, RI, & NY

Hutchinson, Katherine (Hamby), of Boston, MA

James, Rev. Thomas, Jr., of Southampton, NY

Jennings, Edmund, of York Co., VA

Keith, Sir William, Governor of PA & DE

Kempe, Edmund, of VA

Kempe, Edward, of VA

Kempe, Matthew, of Lancaster & Gloucester Cos., VA

Kempe, Richard, Esq., of James City Co., VA

Levis, Samuel, of Chester Co., PA

Lewis, Elizabeth (Marshall), of ME

Ligon, Thomas, of Henrico Co., VA

Littleton, Nathaniel, Esq., of Northampton Co., VA

Lloyd, Thomas, of Philadelphia, PA

Logan, James, of PA

Lowe, Henry, of St. Mary's Co., MD

Lowe, Nicholas, of Talbot Co., MD

Lowell, Percival, of Newbury, MA

Ludlow, Gabriel, of New York City, NY

Ludlow, Roger, of Dorchester, MA; Windsor & Fairfield, CT

Lunsford, Thomas, of Lancaster Co., VA

Lynde, Simon, of Boston, MA

Mallory, Roger, of New Kent & King & Queen Cos., VA

Mallory, Thomas, of Charles City Co., VA

Mansfield, John, of Charlestown, MA

Manwaring, Oliver, of New London, CT

Maverick, Mary (Gye), of Dorchester, MA

Mellowes, Martha (Bulkeley), of Charlestown, MA

Miles, Anne (Humphrey), of Swansea, MA

More, Richard, of Plymouth & Salem, MA

Need, Joseph, of Darby, Chester Co., PA

Negus, Jane (Deighton) (Lugg), of Boston, MA

Nelson, John, of Boston, MA

Nelson, Philip, of Rowley, MA

Nelson, Thomas, of Rowley, MA

Orr, John, of VA

Owen, Joshua, of Burlington Co., NJ

Owen, Rebecca (Owen), of Merion, Philadelphia Co., PA

Owsley, Thomas, of Stafford Co., VA

Oxenbridge, John, of Boston, MA

Palgrave, Dr. Richard, of Charlestown, MA

Palmes, Anne (Humphrey), of Swansea, MA

Parker, George, of VA

Parker, Richard, of Charles City & Henrico Cos., VA

Pelham, Elizabeth (Bosvile), of Cambridge, MA

Pelham, Herbert, of Cambridge, MA

Pelham, Jemima (Waldegrave), of Cambridge, MA

Peyton, Robert, of Gloucester Co., VA

Pole (or Poole), William, of Dorchester & Taunton, MA

Pynchon, Amy (Wyllys), of Springfield, MA

Randolph, Henry, of Henrico Co., VA

Randolph, William, of Henrico Co., VA

Raynsford, Edward, of Boston, MA

Reade, George, of James City & York Cos., VA

Rodney, Capt. John, Gent., of St. Kitts & Philadelphia, PA

Rodney, William, of Kent Co., DE

Rudyard, Thomas, deputy Governor of East Jersey

Saltonstall, Muriel (Gurdon), of Ipswich, MA

Saltonstall, Richard, of Watertown & Ipswich, MA

Savage, Anthony, of VA

Scott, Katherine (Marbury), of Massachusetts & RI

Seton, William, of NY

Sewall, Jane (Lowe) of St. Mary's Co., MD

Sherman, Mary (Launce), of Watertown, MA

Skepper, Rev. William, of Boston, MA

Skipwith, Sir Grey, Knt., 3rd Baronet, of VA

Smith, Mary Johanna (Somerset), of Calvert Co., MD

Spotswood, Alexander, Governor of VA

Stockman, John, of Salisbury, MA

Stratton, Anne (Derehaugh), of Salem, MA

Taylor, James, Gent., of Boston & Lynn, MA

Teackle, Margaret (Nelson), of Accomack Co., VA

Throckmorton, John, of Salem, MA, Providence & Warwick, RI, & NJ

Torrey, William, of Weymouth, MA

Tyng, Elizabeth (Coytemore), of Boston, MA

Veatch, James, of MD

Washington, John, of Westmoreland Co., VA

Washington, Lawrence, of Rappahannock Co., VA

West, John, of York Co., VA

Whiting, Elizabeth (St. John), of Lynn, MA

Whittaker, Mary (Bourchier), of Henrico Co., VA

Whittingham, Elizabeth (Bulkeley), of Cambridge & Boston, MA

Williams, Frances (Deighton), of Taunton, MA

Wingfield, Thomas, of New Kent Co., VA

Wilson, Elizabeth (Mansfield), of Boston, MA

Wormeley, Agatha (Eltonhead), of Middlesex Co., VA

Wyatt, Rev. Hawte, of Jamestown, VA

Yale, Thomas, Gent., of New Haven, CT

Yate, George, of Anne Arundel Co., MD


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