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What is a Lineage Society?


A lineage society is an organization created to honor a specific heritage or event. Members of lineage societies must prove their descent  of that heritage or event through industry approved genealogical proof standards.


Examples of Lineage Societies include: Daughters of the American Revolution, Sons of the American Revolution, General Society of Mayflower Descendants, and Order of Crown of Charlemagne. ( there over 200 lineage societies)


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Why Join a Lineage Society?


By Brian Britton French, LSA Founder




1. Family is each generation’s greatest treasure.


There are a lot of details about history that will elude even the greatest historical scholars.  But the answers to some of the most important questions are indisputable. Questions like; why leave your native land and give up everything and take the risk of traveling thousands of miles on a small ship and start again in the brutal wilderness? Or why fight in a war, risk life, limb and security for one’s family where the odds of success are low?


Why would loving parents put themselves and their precious family in such peril?  What and who were they thinking about? The indisputable answer is they were thinking of YOU.


Whether it be religious freedom, economic opportunity, or building a more just form of government their brave risk taking and sacrifices are the rewards their descendants enjoy every day.  Theirs was a timeless gift of inspired faith, hope and love.  Unselfishly and specifically given to YOU (and your children).



2. Joining a lineage society is a uniquely personal way of saying “Thank You”.


You are here today because of your ancestors… they gave you the most precious gift of all… they gave you life.


They also gave something more; they gave you part of themselves. Every cell in your body comes from your ancestors, it’s not genealogical romanticism, it’s a hard core scientific fact.


Think traveling to an unknown New World would be an adventure? or fighting in the Revolutionary War would test your mettle? The fact is, your DNA was there, and you may be the closest living thing to some of the greatest events in history.


Events and struggles need not be “historical” to be appreciated. All of our families had struggling farmers and common citizens whom stories will never make it into history books besides yours. Whether your family path will take you to King or peasant; once you understand your family’s facts your heart will swell in gratitude for all of them.



3. Joining a lineage society CERTIFIES the facts of your family history.


Since ancient times mankind erected tombstones and memorials so a family member would never be forgotten. Your family’s lineage is the sum total of all of those tombstones. Joining a lineage society is a way to certify the accuracy of your family’s story which will outlast granite and marble.


It will surprise most newcomers to lineage societies that joining a society is not simply “telling a story” and you’re in... It’s producing an unbroken line of evidence and verifiable facts over hundreds of years. This evidence has to be strong enough to hold up in court of law, one erroneous piece of evidence and it fails, because it can’t be objectively PROVEN to be true.


Certainly there are lots of family stories that are true but can’t be proven. Lineage societies demand for pure facts  as rigorous (if not more so) than those of any historian.  In fact, when you successfully complete your lineage society application your family will have a new scholarly family historian… and that will be YOU.


Hundreds of years from now future generation may appreciate your work. It’s an important part of your legacy and “gift giving” too.



4. Stories inspire people. True stories (about who you are) build identity, values and purpose.


The most inspiring novels ever written or movies ever produced are in most cases imaginary.  People religiously follow sports and call them “my team” where in reality; they are they are owned by billionaires.


In today’s topsy-turvy world, it's hard to find anything important and “real” to hold on to. Your family’s history is “your team” and no one can ever change that or take that away from you.


When you learn your family’s story trust me, it’s as exciting as any Super Bowl and more importantly it will be your story (your identity) too.


Have a bad day at work? Bank account a little low? You now have a TRUE story of courage, hope, sacrifice and determination within you, to lean on…


When your time is done on this earth you can pass your authentic and inspirational family story’s on... to the people you love most.


It’s a like being your family's inspirational guardian angel forevermore…



Genealogy on... (it's our turn now)





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