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WWI Veteran Descendant Certificate


Descendant of WWI Veteran Certificate

Directions in Ordering a Lineage Society of America Certificate


1. Email us a scanned pdf copy of your birth certificate and your parents birth certificate that leads to your WWI

veteran. Grandfather must be stated on fathers' or mothers' birth record. If your WWI vet is a collateral

relationship provide proof of the brother relationship to your grandfather or grandmother. Please note census

records indicate brother relationships.


You may place a line through information that you believe too sensitive to share on your birth certificate but we

must see proof of your birth father. For example here is my BC watermarked.


Please note: We understand that people who are new to lineage societies may be concerned about sending a

copy of a birth record. Please read article http://www.dar.org/national-society/genealogy/start-what-you-know

or Google "are birth records required for lineage societies".  (the answer is yes)


2. Provide evidence of grandfathers service in WWI (or grandparents' brother for collateral relationships)

all ares of military service accepted. Acceptable Sources: Honorable Discharge Records, Pension Records,

Veteran Gravestone Marker Application,biography in newspaper or obituary.


4. E-mail us the above proofs to: Brian@LineageSocietyofAmerica.com  (scanned pdf images work best)


5. Include in the e-mail the mailing address you would like certificate delivered to.


6. We will review and approve your properly documented lineage within 24 hours.


7. After you receive LSA approval via e-mail you can purchase WWI Descendant Certificate (below)


Price $29.00 plus $5.99 shipping and handling (flat rate) Total $34.99








Certificate Specifications

  • Full color professionally printed certificate
  • Premium quality 80lb white card stock weight paper
  • Dimensions: 18 inches wide, 12 inches in height
  • Rolled and shipped in a 2 1/2 inch diameter mailing tube
  • Fully customized with descendant and veterans names (includes branch of service)
  • Guaranteed to be a lifelong keepsake.


Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.


Questions? Call Brian French 813 944-3190



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